Our Approach

At HoPP iN we value Families and Work life balance. We know first hand the strain, stress and pressure of ensuring school age children are safely where they need be, when they need to be there. We know that often theirs or your schedules are dramatically impacted and altered to ensure this. Our Network of HoPP iN service providers, consist of background checked Families helping families work better. Utilizing the latest in GPS technology and a number of privacy tools your school age children are in great hands. HoPP iN also offers HoPP Stops, HoPP Delivery and HoPP Drops as unique tools for any Busy Family.

Our Story

HoPP iN was our logical solution to the challenges of meeting our own diverse schedule needs and those of the many other working parents and the active, educational, sports and other extra curricular activity needs of our school age children. It has been trying to say the least, to find a service that would safely and reliably provide transportation, monitored early or after care stops, secure, local, and timely parcel delivery or drop locations, specifically for working families. As parents like every one of the Service providers and Enrolled Families, those challenges often required us to make sacrifices and adjustments around the tools we didn’t have, instead of necessary support tools at our disposal. We started HoPP iN to help our family work better and we are sure it will help your family work better also!

Next Steps…

Let’s get HoPP iNg, enroll a school aged child, become a HoPP Driver, Monitor a HoPP Stop, Accept or Deliver Packages and Parcels for Families in your local neighborhood, or just pass along the word to a family that needs the service or wants to participate.